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We organise events for the international wellness industry, because we believe that 'Sharing is stronger than competing'. Last year September we organised our first event ‘Follow the Customer Journey’ in Thermae 2OOO. The main subject of this convention was to share economic ratios that make us successfull and obtain a better understanding of guest service psychology. Follow the customers Journey represented 30 members with a total of 46 sites from 7 different countries. We were overwhelmed with positive reactions.The sharing part now really has begun and friendship is the right base to share.

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This year we organize a second event, 'ISWKC Annual Spa Convention', which will take place from the 8th - 10th of February 2015. All this is put together to offer you great networking possibilities with industry leaders, like-minded colleagues and great home value!

For more pictures of our event, visit our Facebook page.