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We will achieve success when we begin to understand that our main service involves paying attention to our guests.
In this fast-paced society, there is a lack of attention and contact between people. In our wellness industry, the main service should involve paying attention to our guests. Understanding the meaning of attention and knowing how to present it is crucial in making the difference. The results will be reflected in positive reviews through social media. Here are some secrets behind the meaning of attention: attention in service actually entails more recognition of people.  When there is less time, we share less recognition, and this has a negative effect, as it is one of our basic needs.

And it starts all with your employees...
In many studies, the results indicate that employees prefer true appreciation for their work, and not just a decent salary. People need mental reinforcement as well, since there is less time for profundity. Understanding this need by already offering a pleasant environment, such as a Spa, makes it easier to fulfil our guests’ needs. Moreover, this is not very difficult to do, since the secret lies in offering little unexpected extras to our guests. That is the meaning of psychology behind service. Sometimes, simply making eye contact at the right moment does the trick.  Visiting a large hotel in London, I was surprised when, at breakfast time, nobody even bothered to ask me if I enjoyed London, saw a good show, or visited a little secret that the server knew of. Many people in hospitality focus on the process of service, like buffet presentation, the way coffee is poured, etc. The attention aspect entails sharing information with your guest, from the heart. Everyone in our Spa has the power to do this, and should do it. This is true, whether you are a receptionist, a server in a restaurant, a skincare specialist, massage therapist or technician. Everyone will be presented with an opportunity to make the difference, every day.

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