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The hotel industry is transparent and open minded towards sharing occupancy levels, average room ratings and other business intelligence. This is beneficial to all hotel operators as they understand their own position regarding market share and fair share. For example, STR offers products and services to hotel owners, operators, brands, independents, lenders, investors, service providers, regulators and consultants, providing complete information regarding a particular property, portfolio, market or transaction. These statistically focused, pragmatic services offer a more complete understanding of key industry aspects regarding the nature of competition, price elasticity, market segmentation, perishability, profitability, client satisfaction, brand loyalty and risk, in order to promote the best decisions by any and all market participants who retain their services.

We at ISWKC are filling our databases with wellness ratios from our members. We are asking them to participate and share data with us via We send these back with anonymous insights, comparing numbers from other wellness locations. This information will also be available for people in the financial industry, such as banks, accountants and investors.

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