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What's the trick about guest loyalty?

It is very simple when you understand which buttons to press. Here is the trick!
The only thing you have to do, is really care about your guest and offer them honest attention by knowing what they care about. When you own a small company, this case is easy because you meet your guests on a daily basis. In Thermae 2OOO for example, we are welcoming 250.000 guest every year. Impossible to know them all.... Obviously spoken. Having the right software combined with attitude training makes it possible for large companies to exceed guest expectations by offering personal service. The quality management information shows how often guests are visiting us, when they paid their last visit, which treatment they like and even if they have preference for 'a blond' or 'a brunette' lady at check in. Sounds like a joke but last time a single male checked in at our hotel desk, this question was asked, maybe a bit naughty, by our female team at reception. This kind of service we train our staff to distinguish ourselves from all other hotel check ins. And it works! We really see higher marks on our review sites. Acting on guest behavior at the right moment creates an unforgettable difference. Our trained staff knows how to approach every single guest differently, because they have a support by the right historical data and moreover the right attitude training. If you are able to respond to a guest preference with a smile from the heart, you are creating ambassadors for life.

Concluded: in the end it is not a trick, realising that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people won’t forget how you made them feel! So knowing this it is anticipating by management in quality information and 100% right execution by upbeat staff.

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