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New Leadership

In our fast changing world there is hardly any time to gain insight on how we manage our staff.

Why? Because it is difficult to change, and the same is true for executive management in the Spa industry. If your Spa offers mental balance opportunities, such as mindfulness, it might be a good idea for management to join these sessions.

You need reflection to become better and respected by your environment. I learned to share my dreams with staff and to share my struggles to achieve them. I had to make a switch from only talking about the end results, to enjoying the process to achieve them.

I learned simple drawing skills from Paul de Blot, Jesuit and professor Nyenrode Business University on Business Spirituality:


Doing………..leads to………..Results

Being……….. leads to………..Dreams


For many managers it is very uncomfortable to be in the ‘being’ position. That is why you will find most of them in the safer ‘doing’ mode. This is a shame, as results are temporal, whilst dreams last forever.

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