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“Follow the customer journey” is about to begin

Today is the day, our first event and we are proud of it! There is a special reason why we are proud of this gathering. It is because all resorts are here to share, just like us. We therefore guarantee that we will all have a great conference together. Not only everyone will be inspired, but they will also be challenged. Challenged to break through a certain barrier, figuratively speaking!

How it all started:

Thermae 2OOO will celebrate its 25th anniversary next year.  Things have changed dramatically over the last 25 years.  We started in the golden years, without competition and with more visitors than  it could service. As times have changed, we have always faced the challenge to be unique and to be the best. We have now entered a new era where we still believe in being unique as a company in a transparent and honest way. And we believe in sharing. Why? Because sharing is stronger than competing.

This desire has prompted us to launch the International Spa & Wellness Knowledge Center. The goal of the International Spa and Wellness Knowledge Center is to establish a European Spa benchmark, which will help both the wellness industry and the financial sector. Ultimately it will be for the benefit of all of us who operate in the wellness industry. You have to follow the Customer's Journey in this new reality!

And TODAY we are going to make a difference by starting to SHARE! First we will identify a basis for creating a benchmark together. We will also be able to come out of our comfort zone and share Best Practices. We have created a great opportunity by inviting some of Thermae 2OOO’s suppliers to introduce their strengths to our visitors on Friday. We hope that everyone will be able to apply the benefit of their expertise within their own spa’s.

In may 2014 we will be organising our 2nd event: Meet the Money. This is primarily because we - like you - want to invest, innovate and expand. But the banks are not willing to help us at this time. Yet there is still money available to invest in our industry.  But we need to convince these sources ourselves.

Want to be a part of this new sharing platform? Join us @

Robert Teulings
Pauline Verhoef

Thermae 2OOO


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